Energy and Natural Resources


Our Energy, Natural Resources & Infrastructure practice provides clients with a full array of services across the energy and natural resources landscape, including renewable and conventional power, clean technology, oil & gas (including LNG), and mining. Our lawyers work closely with clients to ensure the successful structuring, development, financing, implementation, and operation of energy projects. Our market expertise and wealth of knowledge in these types of projects throughout the continent allows us to offer expert advice for bidding, acquiring, developing, and financing projects within these industries.

Oil & gas

An undeniable leader in this sector in Africa, CLG represents oil and gas companies in Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Gabon, Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Comoros, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Namibia, Niger, Ghana, Tanzania, Chad, Mozambique and South Sudan.

As the ‘go-to’ law firm for companies in the oil and gas and mining sectors, our clients always expect us to anticipate what it will take to minimize risk, protect assets, and enhance reputations when dealing in Africa. We have responded with a results-based approach and have negotiated more oil and gas contracts than any law firm in Africa. Our strong contacts within government and understanding of Africa and the oil and gas industry provide us with the ability to deliver better, more innovative solutions.

Our lawyers have multiple years of international experience advising in the structuring, procurement, acquisition, financing, implementation, development, and operation of oil & gas projects, in all of its value chain. Our team of lawyers are able to advice clients in the drafting, negotiation and operation of all of the contracts involved in an oil and gas transaction, including production sharing contracts, joint operating agreements, lifting and polling agreements, unitization agreements, as well as in any form of financing required by the projects, including reserve-based lending, asset finance, forward sales, multi-sourced project financing, etc.


Power & Renewables

With most stakeholders focusing their efforts on Energy Transition, the renewable energy sector becomes of crucial importance for the future of African countries. CLG has been offering its services in this strategic sector since our foundation more than ten years ago. Our energy team stands out with creative and business-oriented solutions, assisting our clients with out-of-the-box thinking for the development and implementation of conventional and renewable energy power projects.

CLG has experience advising a wide range of clients, including investors, developers and contractors in both conventional and renewable power. Our representation includes all stages of the projects, including project financing and development, engineering, procurement, construction, operation, maintenance, bidding processes, due diligence, regulatory matters, offtake, and other related agreements. Our team has the capability of providing an integral assistance to the projects, considering not only energy matters, but also other implications as environmental, permitting, rights of way, social and tax, in conjunction with other members of our team.


Energy Transition

With the global energy sector’s shift to a lower-carbon future, CLG is already advising companies looking to make that change and diversify their investment portfolio in renewable sources. Our team is able to assist clients in regulatory challenges for the transition, as well as in the acquisition, investment, and development of lower-carbon sources. Our market expertise and wealth of knowledge can prove of great value for companies looking to adapt to the energy transition. We assist our clients in navigating the often-complicated framework in the continent, and in identifying opportunities to reach their energy transition goals.

Decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization: these three trends have had a significant impact on the energy sector and companies in the industry for some time now. In addition to encouraging new market entry, these trends have resulted in constant changes in the framework conditions under energy law. These changes have accommodated new opportunities and business models but have also challenged existing structures. For many years, our clients have included energy suppliers and operators of infrastructure, industrial companies, and the public sector. We advise all actors in the energy value chain on projects and transactions, on their daily business and on financing.

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Being one of the largest industries in the continent the mining sector represents important challenges for industry players. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of the ever-changing regulations and policies in the mining sector and are able to advise clients in structuring complex transaction to meet the regulatory requirements. In this heavily regulated sector, we can offer our clients different capabilities related to environmental, social and permitting issues, rights of way, and tax matters surrounding mining projects. Together with our other practice groups, CLG is equipped to provide a full service offering to mining projects throughout the continent.