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CLG Appoints Cosby Manuel Oliveira Toichoa as Managing Director for Equatorial Guinea

Pan-African legal and business advisory firm CLG has appointed Mr. Cosby Manuel Oliveira Toichoa as Managing Director for Equatorial Guinea. Oliveira will undertake the strategic oversight of CLG’s operations in the country, leading efforts to provide specialized legal counsel and strategic support to clients engaged in oil and gas activities.

The appointment underscores a commitment to bolstering support and strategic counsel for clients engaged in Equatorial Guinea’s dynamic oil and gas sector.

Prior to his appointment as Managing Director at CLG Equatorial Guinea, Oliveira served as a Managing Partner at CLG Equatorial Guinea. Specializing in comprehensive consultancy for companies, Oliveira’s expertise encompasses commercial law, particularly in OHADA Business Law, covering aspects such as company establishment, dissolution, licensing and contracts. Additionally, he provides legal advice on labor, social security, administrative and tax law matters. Oliveira holds a Law Degree from the University of Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain, and a Master of Law in Corporate and Finance Law from Widener University in the United States. Oliveira was admitted to the bar in Equatorial Guinea and has also advised numerous local and international businesses entering Equatorial Guinea.

Leveraging his expertise and industry knowledge and in his new role as Managing Director, Oliveira will drive initiatives to navigate regulatory landscapes, negotiate contracts and facilitate large-scale transactions, ensuring clients receive tailored solutions that address their specific needs and challenges in the dynamic energy sector of Equatorial Guinea.

With a legacy of facilitating transformative oil and gas transactions across Africa, CLG has a comprehensive understanding of the oil and gas industry and ensures tailored solutions for every stage of the oil and gas project lifecycle, from exploration to production to distribution. Operating across multiple markets, including Equatorial Guinea, the firm is committed to fostering lasting relationships and delivering exceptional results.

CLG’s track record in Equatorial Guinea underscores its commitment to the growth of the country’s oil and gas industry. The firm has had a strong footprint in Equatorial Guinea, spearheading oil and gas transactions and providing strategic support for project developers and investors alike. Notable accomplishments include facilitating negotiations for Equatorial Guinea and Congo to join OPEC; negotiating an Umbrella Agreement for the country’s pioneering FLNG project; negotiating and signing a Unitization Agreement and Unit Operating Agreement between several oil majors in the country; and serving as legal adviser to the Ministry of Mines & Hydrocarbons of Equatorial Guinea on the drafting of new mining legislation. CLG’s comprehensive understanding of both the oil and gas industry and Equatorial Guinea’s market makes it well-equipped to handle all legal aspects of oil and gas projects in the country.

Going forward, CLG’s expertise uniquely positions the firm to navigate the intricate legal landscape surrounding Equatorial Guinea’s Gas Mega Hub project. This endeavor involves partnerships with neighboring countries to exploit offshore oil and gas resources. Through its dynamic range of service offerings, CLG offers invaluable support in navigating complex legal frameworks governing cross-border energy projects. From negotiating agreements to ensuring compliance with international standards, the firm’s deep understanding of both local and international laws enables it to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders. Leveraging its track record of success in similar ventures across Africa, CLG expertise stands to assist in playing a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth progression of the Gas Mega Hub project, unlocking the full potential of Equatorial Guinea’s offshore prospects.

“CLG is dedicated to leveraging our expertise to navigate the intricate legal framework of Equatorial Guinea’s oil and gas sector, facilitating seamless collaboration and maximizing its potential. With Oliveira as the Managing Director of our Equatorial Guinea branch, CLG is poised to offer unmatched support and strategic counsel to our clients in this critical African Market,” states Zion Adeoye, CEO of CLG.

In addition to its achievements in the oil and gas sector, CLG has provided expertise in banking and finance, public law, legislative drafting and labor and employment matters. These accomplishments underscore the firm’s capability to deliver exceptional legal services and strategic counsel to clients in Equatorial Guinea and beyond.

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