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Harnessing the Potential of Congo Basin: Sustainable Development Strategies

Viewed from space, the Congo Basin showcases a stunning array of greens, marking it as the heart of Africa. This region, spanning over 4 million km² and six countries, holds the world’s second-largest tropical rainforest and river system by volume, offering vital ecological and climatic functions.

The Congo Basin: A Global Environmental Keystone

The Congo Basin supports a diverse range of life, including the largest population of western lowland gorillas, making it a critical area for conservation. Often referred to as the world’s “second lung,” the basin plays a crucial role as a carbon sink, absorbing more carbon than it emits, thereby helping to balance global carbon dioxide levels.

In the Republic of Congo, tropical forests encompass more than 60% of the national territory, representing one of the most significant and biologically rich forest ecosystems globally. These forests are essential not only for biodiversity but also for the livelihoods of local communities. However, traditional slash-and-burn agriculture and the dependence on fuelwood, which involves more than 80% of the population for their energy needs, are leading to considerable deforestation.

Combating Deforestation: The PREFOREST CONGO Project

In response to these challenges, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Government of the Congo have initiated the PREFOREST CONGO project. Funded by a USD 46.6 million grant from the Green Climate Fund (GCF), this project, approved in March 2021, aims to transition local farmers from destructive slash-and-burn methods to sustainable agroforestry practices. These practices integrate tree cultivation with crop production, enhancing productivity, environmental health, and community livelihoods.

This transformative project provides farmers with land access, establishes fuelwood plantations, promotes productive agroforestry systems, facilitates market access, and supports the restoration of degraded forests. By doing so, it addresses the direct causes of deforestation and fosters a sustainable model for agricultural development.

The Role of the Congo Basin in Climate Regulation

The vast forests of the Congo Basin are potent carbon sinks, crucial in the global fight against climate change. By sequestering carbon dioxide, these forests reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases and regulate global temperatures. Moreover, the basin influences regional climate patterns, affecting rainfall as far away as the Sahel and the Ethiopian highlands, which supports the livelihoods of 300 million rural Africans.

Sustainable Fuelwood Management

The PREFOREST CONGO project also focuses on establishing 14,500 hectares of agroforestry systems, including plantations dedicated to sustainable fuelwood production. This initiative aims to reduce the reliance on natural forests for fuelwood, curbing deforestation and forest degradation while simultaneously providing renewable energy sources for local communities.

Enhancing Agricultural Practices to Protect Forests

The project promotes the integration of nitrogen-fixing trees, like Acacia species, into agricultural lands, which enhances soil fertility, boosts crop yields, and supports sustainable land use. Training and support provided to farmers help them adopt these practices, which are more resilient to climate variability and less damaging to the environment than traditional methods.

With an estimated benefit to over 40,000 smallholder farmers and an expected reduction of 16.7 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions over 20 years, the PREFOREST CONGO project is a pivotal step towards sustainable development in the Congo Basin.

Centurion’s Energy Transition Centre: Facilitating Sustainable Development

At CLG Energy Transition Centre, we are committed to supporting sustainable development initiatives like the PREFOREST CONGO project. Our comprehensive advisory and legal services help international clients engage with and contribute to such projects. By facilitating partnerships and securing financing, we enhance the implementation of environmentally sustainable practices across Africa, contributing to the preservation and enhancement of vital ecosystems like the Congo Basin.


The Congo Basin is indispensable for global biodiversity and climate regulation. Through strategic initiatives like the PREFOREST CONGO project and the support of international partners, we can protect this invaluable resource, ensuring it continues to benefit the global community and future generations.

Shaping Africa’s Future at the Energy Transition Centre

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